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  • Group classes meet weekly for one hour over the course of six weeks. Instructors vary depending on the session. Group classes require pre-registration.

  • Private agility lessons with agility instructors are customized to meet individual needs, varying in length and frequency. After you book a private lesson, the instructor will discuss your training goals and develop a plan to address the issues.

  • Semi-private agility lessons offer private instruction to groups of 2-3 handler and dog teams. Students benefit by working and observing, which maximizes learning--ideal for those traveling long distances to train at Full Stride Dog Agility. To sign up for a group class, schedule a lesson or book a semi-private lessons, Contact us at


Full Stride offers a Basic Obedience Program that is consistent and progressive. Our handling program is founded on the skill taught by Silvia Trkman. There is a strong focus on building a solid foundation to minimize deficiencies at a higher training level.  This class picks up where Puppy Class leaves off and is designed for dogs six months and older. We introduce the dog to basic commands like sit, down, stay and come. In addition, we continue to work on and off-leash exercises. Our instructors are familiar with the program and have a genuine interest in the success of their students.

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